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3101 WV HWY 5 W

Glenville, WV, 26351




Tel: (304) 266-0081

About Us

A one man show that has interest in your firearm, hunting, and sporting goods needs!
Call and give me an opportunity to help you!
Do to my participation and passion for rimfire benchrest, I have become an Eley Ammunition Distributor through Zanders Sporting Goods to help provide ammunition to shooters for excellent prices. Check out the Eley Ammunition page for more information.
CM Sporting Goods is now a Turbo Rimfire Action Benchrest Stocking Dealer. Go to Turbo Rimfire Actions Page for more information.
JM Precision Gunsmithing Services Available

Know what you want your next firearm to be, I can order it if it's in stock with my wholesalers!

Internet Transfers: $30 (Give me the opportunity to match price on new guns.)

“All Firearms are required to be delivered to an authorized dealer upon presentation of the buyer’s FFL License, for authorized transfer of the Firearm”.


Eley Ammunition Distributor!


Turbo Stocking Dealer!