Bix'N Andy Triggers

We are a dealer for Bix'N Andy Triggers. This includes the following models, benchrest, tac sport, tac sport pro, marksman, and others. Hit the order request button and submit your request. You may also call!

Benchrest                                                                               $400.00


  • (3.6mm) top sear comes standard
  • *A reversible top sear is only necessary for actions that do not have a hanger.*  Note: All Bix’n Andy triggers have adjustable bottom sears!
  • Best for actions that have pin-on style triggers
  • Low trigger pull for a precise shot
  • Very short lock time
  • Easy external adjustment of sear and trigger weight


Introducing the pinnacle in precision shooting triggers! The Bix’n Andy Remington 700 trigger uses a unique ball bearing mechanism that allows for trigger pull weight adjustments 1 ounce (30 grams) to 25 ounces (700 grams). The consistency of the Bix’N Andy trigger break is within 0.03 ounce! The upward force on the top sear is the lowest in the industry. Also, the let-off is so crisp and consistent it never fails to amaze shooters who have become accustomed to the world’s next leading brands like the Jewell.

This Bix’N Andy trigger has been made to the highest standards and we trust it will be the best trigger you have ever owned. It is a patented design manufactured in Austria with the latest high-tech equipment giving you the finest trigger available in rifle shooting today.

This Bix’N Andy Competition Trigger is a direct “drop in” for the Remington Model 700 Action and comes with installation directions, adjustment tools and a small assortment of spares.

The upgraded sear insert installed into the top of the trigger allows for some minor trigger timing adjustments due to the fact that firing pin fall changes depending on the direction the insert is facing when installed. All triggers are set for standard centerfire benchrest applications. The second position however, is a favourite among the rimfire shooting community.

Tac Sport                                                                              $275.00

  • (3.8mm) top sear comes standard
  • TriggerPull Force: 10 oz. to 4.5 pounds
  • Have a Remington 700 action? Choose to receive a free bolt release.
  • Available in Single & Two-Stage configurations as well as Left or Right Top Safeties in each configuration.
  • Removable safety & bolt release
  • Uses the hanger that comes with your action

Designed to operate in Remington 700 and compatible actions, the new triggers will have an adjustable pull force between 10 ounces (300 grams) and 4.5 pounds (2 kg). The ball system allows for the lowest reset force of any trigger, thereby improving accuracy and allowing for a very crisp let-off. The TacSport is machined from stainless steel with a housing designed to further protect the mechanism from the elements and will come standard with a safety lever and a removable bolt stop.